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Damaged lashes before


Lash results may very depending on the state if your natural lashes... 

example: If you ware false lashes, strips and individuals and u rip them off or not take them off properly you will have weak damaged lashes!!!  This can stop you from getting  the fullest set possible.  It is not healthy or  smart to put heavy lashes on damaged lashes.  The heavy lashes will not promote growth.  The heavy lash will eventually droop down and hang in your eye Or fall off.  The right size lash extension according to the health and  strength of your natural lash will promote growth.  The lightness off smaller weight extensions last 2x longer with proper care.

 My point is that you might not get as full as you would like until your natural lashes heal from lash abuse..

Damage lash w/ lash extensions Classic set


Client s love volume ❤️🎉

Healthy lashes are a must!!!

The light weight takes time to get use to.

Rest assure that your lashes are thanking for the rehab... 

Questions and Answers


How long does each set take??

each set time varies on the style and fullness of lash extensions u pick.

your natural lashes play the greatest role . Some sets are not achievable for severely damaged lashes. The only way is the right way. 

Do do I need to bring anything?

Just a great attitude and patience while your lash artist creates a beautiful enhancing look for u..

Is it ok too sleep?

yes ,  a sleeping customer is a great customer.

We love when your relaxed...

can i I open my eyes after my eyes are taped down? 

No!!!! Absolutely not......

The glue used is medical grade and it carries fumes that can burn the eyes and skin.  Always check with your lash artist verbally before making any sudden moves  or  opening  eyes.  

should You let just anybody try to lash u????

the tools used for application are sharp and can  stab your eye or person if not properly trained.  You could result  In loosing an eye or irreversible damage.

can I wet my lash extensions?

after 24-48 hrs

submerging isn’t so great.  Especially salt water. It loosens the hold and strength of glue.

u can definitely clean them daily.  Cleaning daily keeps infections away and keeps your set looking fresh.

how do I care for my lashes?

brush daily with your spooly that your lash tech should supply you with.

how long will  my extensions last?

4-6 weeks with proper care.

proper care is not sleeping in your face/ lashes.   Not applying heavy oils or make up to your skin in the eye area. 

How do I take them off?

lash extension glue remover only!!!

Lash extensions should be professionally applied and removed....

when getting eyelash extensions pls don’t answer your phone, it could result in damage.